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Solar Module Analyzer ( Photovoltaic I-V Curve Tester )
I-V Curve Tracers and PV Testers

IV Curve Tracer and single phase inverter efficiency measurement

The IV curve tracer SOLAR I-V has been designed to meet any requirement of photovoltaic installation testers. Further to providing the possibility of testing and measuring the efficiency of single-phase photovoltaic systems and also measures the I-V characteristic both of a single module and of module strings. Thanks to The IV curve tracer SOLAR I-V, the operator can test the photovoltaic system and, should it give a negative result, immediately identify the problems of the system in order to promptly solve them. The IV curve tracer SOLAR I-V is provided with the remote unit SOLAR-02 for measuring irradiation and temperature. The synchronization between main unit and remote unit, by radio-frequency (RF) wireless connection, guarantees the necessary simultaneity of measurements. The IV curve tracer SOLAR I-V also manages a database of photovoltaic modules, which can be updated at anytime. The measured IV characteristic is not affected by the resistance of the measurement cables, as it is carried out with the 4-terminal measuring method. The measured values, correctly reported at standard test conditions, are immediately compared with the values declared by the manufacturer to give the OK /NO result of the test. The operator must not do any calculation, the instrument carries out the comparison rapidly and automatically

Multifunction instrument to check safety, parameters and performance of a PV plant according to IEC/EN62446

The multifunction instrument PVCHECK allows prompt and safe electrical checks required for a PV system (section DC) as well as controls on working of modules / strings in accordance with IEC/EN62446 guidelines. PVCHECK verifies the continuity of the protective conductors (and the associated connections) and executes insulation resistance measurement of the active conductors on a module, a string or a photovoltaic field in accordance with the requirements of IEC/EN62446, without the need of short-circuiting the positive and negative terminals. PVCHECK allows verification of a PV string's working in accordance with the requirements of IEC/EN62446 by measuring the open circuit voltage and short-circuit current under operating conditions and reporting the results to STC (by means of radiation measurement). It provides an immediate outcome for both absolute measurements and for measurements compared with the previously tested PV strings. PVCHECK also allows carrying out performance analysis of PV array (DC) under operating conditions (connected to the inverter) providing an indication of the power generated and the efficiency of the field as specified by IEC/EN62446.

Multifunction instrument for testing efficiency of PV systems and complete power quality analyzer in compliance with standard EN50160

SOLAR300N allows carrying out all tests required for the verification of the efficiency of single-phase and three-phase photovoltaic systems. Testing photovoltaic systems requires contemporarily measuring environmental parameters (incident irradiation of modules, temperature of environment and modules) and electric parameters (continuous power, alternating power, etc.). Typically, modules and inverter can be positioned even at several tens of meters of distance, thus forcing the operator to carry out measurements in different places far from each other at the same time. To carry out these operations, connections by means of long cables or (wireless) radio connections could be necessary, but both these solutions are not acceptable. Cables could hamper the operators movements or be a hindrance, while radio waves would be attenuated by floors, reinforced concrete or metal structures, thus making communication impossible.

In order to avoid the above-mentioned problems and to carry out measurements with the necessary contemporaneity, SOLAR300N is provided with a remote unit, synchronized with the main unit. The remote unit is positioned next to the photovoltaic modules and it is connected to the probes for measuring environmental parameters (irradiation and temperature). SOLAR300N is connected upstream and downstream of the inverter in order to acquire the electric parameters (continuous power and alternating power). The synchronization between the two units guarantees the necessary contemporaneity of measurements, the two separate and independent units make measurements comfortable and safe. SOLAR300N is also a powerful instrument for the complete analysis of mains quality in compliance with standard EN50160 (harmonic analysis, analysis of voltage anomalies, Flicker, unbalance, etc.). The management software TopView also provides the possibility of creating professional reports, which can be customized by adding the companys logo, the customers data, comments, etc.

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