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Circuit Breaker Monitoring System

Circuit Breaker Monitoring System
Instruction & Maintenance Manual
The circuit breaker monitoring device operation (CMS-ί: Circuit Breaker Monitoring System - Intelligent, under CMS) to detect mechanical properties of all kind of Switch equipment is designed to target The main feature of this equipment to detect the primary driving mechanism contacts abnormalities and abrasion factor of the main contact. Share contacts, drive mechanism of the abnormalities detected on the surface have learned close / open allow the operating trip coil current, the input of the mechanical auxiliary contacts close / open time information, CT current Information and arc current is determined by comparing the information. abrasion factor of the main contact about when open up contacts with the arc current is applied to measure the size of fulfilling the primary contact surface to infer the degree of degradation of the alloy is composed of principles In addition, whether the circuit breaker to operate normally, always equipped to diagnose the learning capabilities and the power breaker operates at diagnosis, the coil, the movement of migrants mechanism, the main contact open mechanisms, share contacts, auxiliary contacts can be diagnosed.
1. CPU
TI DSP Processor TMS320VC5416 DSP, 160 MIPS, 120MHz
2. Memory :
1) RAM

Program memory : 32K Internal RAM
Main memory : 32K Internal RAM
Boot Load memory : 64K Byte Serial EEPROM
Parameter memory : 8K Byte EEPROM
3) Flash Memory
Backup memory : 8M Byte Flash Memory
3. A/D Converter
16 bit Resolution, 200 KHz, 2KHz Sampling rate
4. Communication
RS-485 : 1 Port(Linked other device)
RS-232 : 1 Port(Inspection Port)
5. Analog Input
3채널(CT Current)
6. Digital Input
4채널(Trip Initiate, Close Initiate, A/B Auxiliary contacts)
7. Interface

Alarm : Two N/O Relay contacts
RS-232 : PC & Modem
RS-485 : Linked a total of 30 device
8. Power
+80 ~ 280VDC or +85 ~ 260VAC
9. Insulation
10. Operating limits :
1) Temperature
- 5 ~ +60
2) Humidity Humidity
3) Altitude Altitude
11. Power Consumption
> 50
12. Weight
13. Size
300(w) x 147(D) x 59(H)mm

The cumulative number of action monitoring.
Each behavior monitoring, recording and automatically analyzed.
About the behavior of the data held in memory.
Automatic operation for each phase of the breaking currents.
Monitoring the amount of wear of circuit breaker main contact.
Install and program settings
CMS can be installed in the LCP. In addition to the existing circuit breaker is installed to create a separate panel is recommended to install.
Install in the LPC
Install to a separate panel
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