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The Ultra has been engineered for excellence, delivering best in class measurement capability and advanced monitoring. System performance is five times better than any other distributed temperature sensing (DTS) product in the market place.

Throughout the design process major components have been redesigned or improved and more advanced software enables the system to optimise itself to deliver the best possible performance. The unit is available as a typical 3U 19inch rack mounted product or as a fully contained mobile unit.


A brand new software suite has been developed to deliver plug & play functionality. The intuitive software enables non-expert users to install and manage the system using a logical work flow process. One of the major advances of the new Ultra software is the ability to control, configure and log data for multiple DTS systems.


The process of configuring zones, alarms, Relays and Modbus is simple to follow using intuitive menus. Information is input into tables and tasks are put together in a logical flow. In addition zone information is displayed in a graphical format.

Output Methods

Sensa can provide remote data communication using any of the commercially available options incuding Ethernert, Volt free relay contacts, OPC and Modbus. The commonly preferred options are Modbus and Relays.


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