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Thermal Imagers - IR Cameras
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Thermal Imagers - IR Cameras

Digital two pole voltage tester HT9 provides daily use features. In addition to DC / AC voltage measurement and  continuity test, HT9 also offers gas-filled lamp test and  phase sequence / conformity detection features. To overcome difficult pinpointing of the right cable within a frame on a Switchboard under poor light conditions, a built-in white LED flashlight makes testing possible and easy even in dark environments. The slim and ergonomic design of HT9 is highly appreciated by contracting electricians, field professionals, troubleshooters as well as any kind of user. Designed according to the requirements of field professionals, HT9 is must-have troubleshooting tool.


•  DC / AC voltage up to 690V
•  AC voltage detector with 1 wire method
•  Neon and fluorescent lamp test
•  Sodium/mercury vapor lamp test
•  Halogen lamp test
•  Non-electronic ballast test
•  Continuity test
•  Phase sequence test
•  Diode test
•  LED and acoustic indications
•  Built-in torch
•  LCD display
•  Safety: IEC/EN61010-1, IEC/EN61010-2-030, IEC/EN61243-3:2010
•  Measurement category: CAT III 690V, CAT IV 600V

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